How to Grow Your Vehicles Resale Value


Are you thinking about selling your car? It’s no secret that all vehicles depreciate, there’s no away around that. However, there are ways you can increase your cars resale value and get the most amount of money when and if you decide to sell.

Here’s how you can grow your vehicles resale value in 2022.

1. Regularly Service the Vehicle

The only way that your vehicle is going to get the most money when you decide to sell is if your car is in tip top shape. To keep your vehicle in the absolute best shape you need to regularly service your vehicle.

What’s the first thing that a potential buyer will check on your car? The engine… By regularly servicing your vehicle you will keep the engine in the absolute best shape possible, and you minimise the risk of experiencing any potential mechanical issues that can decrease the value.

It is important that you service your vehicle annually at a minimum. If you decide to sell the vehicle, it is highly recommended that you service the vehicle before you begin taking enquiries or shopping around for a buyer.

2. Maintain the Vehicle

Buyers will determine your vehicles value by the overall condition of the car. To get the best resale value for your current car it is important that you keep your car well maintained and in a good overall good condition.

Try to keep your car’s interior and exterior as clean and tidy as possible. If you experience any wear and tear to either the interior or exterior, make sure you get them repaired. If you leave any minor cosmetic issues with your car, you could risk creating more damage and you will ultimately limit your vehicles value.

Before you consider selling the vehicle it is always best practice to seek external advice from a mechanic on what may need to be repaired or fixed.

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3. Regularly Clean the Cars Exterior

To increase your vehicles resale value, it is essential that you regularly clean your cars exterior. If you fail to regularly clean your vehicle you may experience common paint wear and tear. If paint begins to erode from your vehicles shell, you will significantly reduce your resale value.

The benefit of regularly cleaning your vehicles exterior is you remove common dust, dirt and bacteria that builds up over time. This way you will reduce the risk of having paint or colour deteriorate from its original condition.

4. Don’t Fuel Swap

Most of your vehicle’s resale value will come down to your engines condition. The better your vehicle’s engines condition is in, the more a new buyer will get out of your vehicle.

A mistake that many Motorists make is fuel swapping. The problem with fuel swapping is it impacts your engines condition. To keep your vehicle’s engine well maintained it is important that you stay consistent with the fuel type that you are using. You should never go from one fuel type to another, even if one may be cheaper.

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5. Keep Records

When it comes to buying a used car, buyers will want to see the history of the vehicle. A great way of increasing your vehicles resale value is by keeping records of when you have serviced and maintained the vehicle.

By having visual proof of service records, any replacement parts that may have been required or anything else, you will be able to show potential buyers how the vehicle has performed and what you have done to keep it in the best possible condition. The more information you have on the vehicle the easier you will make the buying process if you do decide to sell.

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Final Word,

If you decide to sell your car you want to make sure you get the most amount of money you possibly can. All cars depreciate but there are ways of maintaining a strong value for any future sale. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few great ways you can increase your vehicles resale value in 2022.

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