5 Ways Motorists Can Save Fuel in 2022


With Australian Fuel prices at an all-time high, fuel-efficiency has never been more important. No, you can’t control fuel prices or even predict how high they may go, but you can do a few things to reduce how much fuel your vehicle consumes.

Yes, obviously there are some cars that are more fuel efficient than others but there are still ways even the most fuel-consuming car can save fuel and reduce your trips to the petrol station.

Here are 5 Ways Australian Motorists Can Save Fuel in 2022.

1. Reduce Your Use of Interior Features

Sure, we all love blasting the air-conditioning on a scorching hot Australian summer day or cruising at 100 kms per hour on the local motor way but both options are two of the largest fuel burning components on all cars.

We aren’t saying to forgo using these great features (unless that’s what you want to do) your driving experience needs to be smooth and comfortable. What we are saying is if it’s not air-con weather try not to use it, or if you are stopping and starting on the freeway try to minimise the use of cruise control. Reducing your use of interior features like air-conditioning and cruise control can greatly minimise fuel-consumption and save you a regular trip to the bowser.

2. Limit Weight

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the heavier your car is, the more fuel it is going to consume. To reduce fuel consumption on your car, try to limit your cars total weight. Don’t carry unnecessary luggage in the back or in the boot. Try to make the car as light as possible if you want to reduce your petrol spend.

To put things into perspective research shows that for every 50kgs removed from your car, you will decrease your average fuel consumption by 1 to 2%. We get it, there are some instances where you can’t remove weight for example your weekend holiday road trips but for your day-to-day travel try to minimise your vehicles weight as much as possible. You could save hundreds of dollars at the petrol station per year.

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3. Tyre Pressure

Believe it or not your vehicles tyre pressure will impact fuel consumption. To reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes make sure your tyres are set up to the correct tyre pressure. Having the right tyre pressure minimises your vehicles rolling resistance. The NRMA has found that having the correct tyre pressure could reduce fuel consumption from by up to 2 percent.

Your tyre pressure is going to fluctuate as you drive, there is not much you can really do about that. To get the best fuel savings be sure to evaluate and check your tyre pressure regularly. Most petrol stations have an area where you can check tyre pressure. It may take an extra 5 – 10 minutes of your time but it can save you hundreds in fuel costs per year.

4. Maintain Speed

One of the best ways to minimise fuel consumption is by maintaining your speed as much as possible. Fluctuating between fast and slow speeds will consume more petrol. Think about it, your car will need to produce more power every time you need to stop and start.

Of course, there are situations where you can’t help but keep a consistent speed and that’s okay, but when the traffic permits, try to maintain a consistent speed. The less stop-start you do, the less fuel you will consume, it’s really that simple.

5. Service Your Car

Ever wondered why your car is consuming so much petrol? if your car is consuming way too much petrol there could be something wrong with the engine. To reduce your vehicles fuel consumption, it’s always best to keep your car maintained and book in regular servicing.

Servicing your car regularly will help keep your car and engine in the best shape and in turn reduce total fuel consumption. Like everything, the better condition something is in, the better it will perform.

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Final Word,

With fuel prices continuing to increase, reducing fuel consumption has never been more important. There are many ways all motorists can reduce fuel consumption no matter what vehicle you drive. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few great ways you can save fuel in 2022.

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