Shop for Cars FAQ

Why should I use Shop for Cars?

Shop for Cars is Australia’s first dealership-only sales website for new and used cars for sale. Buying from a car dealership gives you access to additional legal protections like cooling-off periods, statutory warranties and roadworthy checks in some cases, and guaranteed titles. Many dealers also offer extended warranties, detailed vehicles, pre-purchase mechanical inspections. They are available to go back to. It is not like selling in a McDonald’s car park never to be seen again.

Who do I buy the car from?

Shop for Cars only lists cars for sale from dealerships. We do not sell any vehicles ourselves. Every car you purchase is directly from a car dealership. If you have an enquiry about a particular vehicle listing, we suggest you contact the dealership directly.

How do I contact a dealership?

To offer complete transparency, the contact information of every car dealership is displayed in their listing along with their online review ratings, so you can get to know them better before contacting them.

How do I look for specific brands and models?

Shop for Cars has made it easy for you to filter your vehicle needs by specific brands and models. Simply go to Used Cars for Sale or New Cars for Sale and use the drop down box to filter by brand, model, make and year.

Why should I get a Car History report?

Car History reports offer comprehensive details about vehicles on sale, which gives you additional peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle.

How do I check the history of a car?

Some dealerships may offer free Car History reports in their listings. Where unavailable, you can purchase a comprehensive car history report directly from the Shop for Cars website for just $36.95. Click here.

What should I consider before buying a car?

Before buying a car, here are some things to consider –

  • What is your budget?
  • What will you use the car for?
  • Do you intend to buy it outright or need to access finance?
  • Do you want a used or new car?
  • Do you want specific features in the car?
  • Do you intend to trade in your existing vehicle?

Government legislation for car dealerships

To check Government legislation for car dealerships go to your state’s website -

Dealer licence

To check dealer licensing in your state, go to –