Why Shop for Cars?

Shop for Cars is Australia’s first dealership-only website, giving you the easiest way to find cars for sale from thousands of trusted car dealerships.

Legal Protection

Legal Protection

As a dealership-only site, most cars have state-enforced protections like cooling-off periods, guaranteed titles, roadworthy checks and warranties in some cases.

Car Dealers

Huge Choice at Competitive Prices

Choose from thousands of new and used cars for sale from trusted car dealerships to get the most competitive prices in the industry.

Car History Report

Complete Peace of Mind

Peace of mind with Car History reports, easy finance and trade-ins on new and second-hand cars. Dealers will also handle all the paperwork on your behalf.



Car History Report

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Shop for Cars has partnered with motor finance specialist, Drive On Finance – connecting you to a large panel of over 29 lenders at the click of a button. 

Fast, easy, simple. Speed up the process of buying a vehicle you’re interested in, get pre-approval today!

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