5 Biggest Mistakes Australian Car Buyers Make in 2022


Buying a car is such a massive decision. Before you run out and purchase your dream car, there a few things you need to consider. Unfortunately, many Australians make expensive mistakes during the car buying process. Because you’re spending a lot of money, you want to make sure that the car you are looking to buy suits your needs and doesn’t strain you financially.

Here are the 5 Biggest Mistakes Australian Car Buyers Make in 2022.

1. Panic Buying

Buying a car isn’t like buying clothes or food, it is a serious financial decision. Many Australians fall into the trap of panic buying a car. The problem with panic buying a car is you often make the wrong decision and are left with a huge bill.

Before you consider buying a car you need to research and understand what type of car you want. What will you be using the car for? Can you afford the car? Is the car safe? Before you even consider looking to buy a car you need to answer those key questions. A car is a serious financial investment and should never be purchased without doing adequate research and checks.

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2. Not getting pre-approved

It’s really devastating when you have your heart set on a car, and you find out that you can’t afford it. The worst thing you can do in the car buying process is not understanding your lending position. Before you consider buying a car you need to look at getting pre-approval.

Pre-approval is when a lender agrees to lend you an amount of money to buy a car. The benefit of gaining pre-approval is it gives you an exact figure of what you can afford and what you cannot. This significantly speeds up your buying process as you instantly know what your cut off price is.

Pre-approval generally lasts 6 months. However, this does vary depending on lender. Always read the terms and conditions of pre-approval as your lending potential could change.

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3. Not getting the relevant checks

If you are looking to buy a used car, it is essential that you conduct all the relevant checks. The first check you should obtain is a Car History and PPSR Report. Many car dealers offer free car history reports so it’s best to ask.

A PPSR and Car History Report lets you know the history of the car, if it has ever been written off, any repairs done on the car, if it is part of any safety recall and if there is any finance owed on the vehicle.

If everything checks out in the Car History and PPSR report, it’s always best to get a third-party mechanic to assess the vehicles engine and overall condition. An independent inspection may cost you a little bit of money, but it could save you thousands in the long run.

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4. Asking the dealer for advice

This is a big one! You should never ask a motor dealer for advice on what car you should buy. A car dealers’ sole job is to sell you one of their stock.

No, we are not saying all dealers will con you into buying one of their cars, but it’s always best practice to seek professional advice instead of from the seller to minimise your risks.

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5. Not taking the car for a test drive

The number one rule for buying a car is you must take it for test drive! It may sound dead obvious but with online direct to seller methods becoming popular, may car buyers are now forgoing test drives and hoping that everything turns out right.

The problem with not doing a test drive is you won’t 100% know if the car is the best fit for you. What if it doesn’t feel right? What happens if you need more space? What if it doesn’t have the best fuel efficiency? You won’t know unless you take it for a couple of spins.

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Final Word,

Buying a car is great journey. Like always, there is always a risk of making a mistake. The best thing car buyers can do is research, consult relevant parties and prepare as best as they can.

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