Used 4x4 Utes that Keep Their Value


Are you looking to sell your Used 4x4 and not too sure what you can get?

When it comes to buying any car one of the biggest questions on all buyers’ minds is how much can I get if I choose to sell the vehicle in the future?

This may come as a surprise, Used 4x4 Ute values actually hold up the strongest compared to SUV, Sedans and even Hatchbacks.

The reason why Used 4x4s keep a strong resale value is because of demand. Aussies want 4x4 vehicles whether it be new or used.

So that brings us to the question. What Used 4x4 Utes have the best resale value?

Shop for Cars has put together a list of 5 4X4 Utes that Keep Their Value.

Let’s get into it!

1. Ford Ranger

This may surprise many, but research has found the Ford Ranger currently has the best resale value of all Used 4x4 Utes. With wait lists for new models extending to over half a year and the demand for Ford Ranger models at an all time high, used prices have skyrocketed.

How much can you get for a Used Ford Ranger in Australia? The answer to that question often comes down to two factors. Kilometers driven and condition. For recent models with under 20,000 kms driven, Motorists can expect to get over 90% of original value if you choose to sell.

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2. Toyota Hilux

We know you were waiting for this! The second best 4x4 Ute when it comes to maintaining value is Australia’s most popular vehicle the Toyota Hilux. With a Toyota Hilux, you know what you are getting! A powerful, reliable, and spacious 4x4.

Similarly, to the Ford Ranger, the reason why the Toyota Hilux continues to have a strong resale value is because there is so few new models entering the market due to continuous production delays. With so few coming and demand so high, that only results in one thing – greater used car prices!

So to most important part, how much can you get for a Used Toyota Hilux in Australia? For recent models with less than 20,000 kms driven you should expect to get at least 85% of original value price if you choose to sell.

3. Mitsubishi Triton

Even though the Mitsubishi Trion trails the Hilux and the Ranger in terms of vehicle sales. It actually has one of the best resale values in the Australian Vehicle Market. Mitsubishi hasn’t escaped production delays. Buyers looking to get a new Mitsubishi Triton have to face delays of at least 9 months. What does that do? Push the prices of used models up.

How much can you get for a Used Mitsubishi Triton in Australia? For recent models with less than 20,000 kilometers driven, owners should expect to get around 80% of the vehicle’s original sale value.

4. Ram 1500

Another 4x4 that has a great resale value that may surprise many is the RAM 1500. The RAM 1500 has one thing over all its competitors in the market – it’s larger! For this reason, demand for both new and used 1500 models are at an all-time high.

How much can you get for a Used Ram 1500? For Ram 1500 models that have driven less than 20,000 kms, owners should expect to get around 80% of original purchase value if you choose to sell.

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5. Isuzu D-Max

Rounding off our list is the fast-rising Isuzu D-Max. Over the last few years, the Isuzu D-Max has gone from obscurity to one of the most popular new and used 4x4 Ute choices for Australian Motorists. With demand for D-Max’s growing every day, prices for used models have remained strong.

How much can you get for a Used Isuzu D-Max in Australia? For Isuzu D-Max models that have driven less than 20,000 kms per year, expect to get between 75% and 80% of original vehicle value depending on who and where you choose to sell the vehicle.

Final Word,

Owning a 4x4 Ute in Australia offers many positives, one of them being a strong resale value. The 5 Utes presented above are found to have the best resale values of the Australian 4x4 Ute Fleet in 2023.

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