How to Sell Your Car in Australia


Thinking of selling your Car and not too sure where to start? Don’t worry Shop for Cars has you covered.

In this article we will walk through a step-for-step guide on how you can sell your car in Australia in 2022 and beyond.

Let’s get into it!

1. Gain a Vehicle Valuation

If you are looking to sell your car the first thing that you need to do is get a vehicle valuation. A vehicle valuation is when you get an expert to value what your car is worth in it’s current condition and in the current market.

The best place to gain a vehicle valuation is through a dealership or vehicle auction house. Some dealerships may provide a rough estimate of what your vehicle is worth over the phone. Vehicle Valuation are often free and do not require any guarantees.

There are also professional valuation websites available online, however some do charge to provide you with a relative valuation price without viewing your car in person.

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2. Set your Price

Once you have a rough idea of what your vehicle is worth and what you can sell it for, it is time to set your price.

Price is often the biggest motivator for buyers, having a vehicle that is priced too high can cut you off from most of the market. On the flip side if your vehicle is priced far too cheaply some people may think there is something wrong with the vehicle.

To see the best results, it is important that you price your vehicles competitively. The more competitive your vehicles pricing is, the more traction you will generate once you begin advertising.

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3. Have Your Car Checked from a Mechanic

Once you have decided that you are going to proceed with selling your car it is recommended you get your car evaluated by a mechanic. The reason why you want to get your car evaluated is a mechanic will tell you what may need to be fixed prior to you conducting any test drives or inspections.

The last thing you want is to have a potential buyer find a fault or something wrong with the car. Additionally having a recent mechanic inspection report can help you negotiate the highest price down the track as you can show potential buyers what an independent third party has said about the vehicle’s condition.

4. Decide How you Want to Sell Your Vehicle

When it comes to selling your car there are two main ways you can do it. You can either sell your car directly to a dealership or you can sell it privately (by yourself). Both options provide many advantages and disadvantages and often comes down to individual circumstances.

You will need to choose what option you would like to sell your car and begin to proceed with that option.

5. Photograph Your Vehicle

If you decide to sell your car privately, the next step you would need to complete is photographing your vehicle for your advertisements. Vehicle Photos will ultimately make or break your sale. The better you can capture your vehicle, the more likely you are to receive interest from a buyer.

It has been found the best time to capture a vehicle is in the early morning or late afternoon. This way you avoid common shadows and hard sun light that comes with the earlier to midday hours. You want to make sure you capture as many photos of your car and its features as possible. You need to give buyers everything that they want to see to help them make an informed buying decision.

6. Choose an Advertiser or Advertisers

Once you have captured images of your vehicle, it’s almost time to start listing your vehicles for sale online. Before you do so, it is important that you research and find out what advertising websites you are going to advertise your vehicle for sale on.

There is an abundance of advertisers available to sellers in Australia, each will have their own terms, conditions, and pricing. It is important that you understand costs and any terms and conditions form a selected advertiser before you proceed.

7. Create your Vehicle Advertisement

Once you have selected the advertiser or advertisers you are going to use to sell your car it is time to create your vehicle advertisement. Add all the best photos you have captured and create a description that showcases the car’s features and its benefits.

The key to having a strong vehicle advertisement is your copy. You need to make your advertisement description exciting. You need to get buyer to stop and choose your vehicle over similar ones in the market.

8. List your Vehicle for Sale

Once you have your advertisement ready it’s time to list your vehicle for sale online. Once you list your vehicle for sale it is always best practice to track performance and make relevant changes if necessary to increase your chances of making a sale.

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9. Organise Test Drives / Inspections

Once you begin to receive enquiries from potential buyers it is time to start organising test drive and inspections times. You need to be available for buyers to come and check the car out. The more available you are, the more likely you are to sell the car.

You do need to consider the more test drives that you do, the more it will cost. You need to factor in fuel costs and maintenance costs. The longer your car is up for sale, the more you need to pay.

10. Agree on Price

Once you have found a potential buyer, they will most likely want to negotiate the price. This is where it gets a bit tricky. You will then need to go through the process of negotiating the best price.

Shop for Cars has put together a guide on how to negotiate for the best price which can be accessed here.

11. Confirming the Sale

Once you have agreed on the price it is now time for payment. You will need to figure out with the seller how they are going to pay, whether it be cash, cheque, eftpos etc. It is important that you double check all funds are received before handing over the vehicle. Never accept bulk or dated payment options.

12. Transfer of Registration

We are now onto the home stretch! When you have received the money from the buyer it is time for the Government process to start. The first thing you will need to do is dispose of your vehicle. The way you dispose of your vehicle is by completing a Notice of Disposal paperwork on the vehicle’s registration papers. In this section you will need to specify the sale price and buyers’ details.

Once this form has been completed you will need to submit it to your relevant state body so that they can update the ownership records and who the vehicle now belongs to.

13. You Have Sold Your Vehicle

When forms have been submitted to the government and registration has been transferred you have now successfully completed the sale of your vehicle!

Final Word,

Selling your car is both an exciting and challenging experience. To create a stress-free sales process, it is important that you research, learn and understand the process as much as possible before you begin the journey of selling.

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