How many Km on a Used Car is Too Much?

Buying any car is such an daunting experience. If you are looking to purchase a used car there are many things that you need to consider before putting money down and driving away. The first question that often comes to the head when you are looking to purchase a used car is how many KM’s are on the car?

Shop for Cars has put together a quick guide on how many KM’s on a used car is too much? 

Let's get into it.

Kilometres driven:

The first thing that car buyers need to look at when inspecting a used car is the kilometres driven. The price of the car significantly fluctuates depending on how many kilometres there are. The industry average kilometres driven per year is around 14,000 – this number obviously fluctuates depending on the primary use. 

Vehicle Condition

After you have examined the car odometer the next thing you want to look at is the condition of the car. While kilometres paint a somewhat clear picture of the wear and tear of the car, the overall condition of the car tells the best story. There are plenty of cars in the market that have a few extra kilometres on it and be in better condition with those with less kilometres.

You will want to thoroughly examine the exterior, body panels, engine and interior safety features of the car, taking a car for a test drive is a MUST!

The value of used cars disintegrate if there are any faults, engine issues or if it is part of the recent Takata airbag recall.

It’s always strongly recommended getting a third-party mechanic assess the condition of the car prior to putting money down.

How many kilometres is good for a used car?

As mentioned above there are many exceptions to every rule. For many used vehicles you are wanting to look at cars under 200,000 kilometres. However you can find exceptional used cars on the market that have over 200,000 kilometres that is in excellent condition and has at least 5 years of roadworthiness left.

It is so important you examine all relevant parties prior to putting money down on a used vehicle.

Car History:

It is so important that you get a full Car History and PPSR report for the used vehicle that you are looking to purchase.

A Car History and PPSR report outlines all accidents, stolen records, maintenance records and all important information of the used vehicle. Information available in the report can be the difference between buying a great used car and buying a lemon.

A PPSR check protects you from any repossession, even if a security interest was registered against the car when you bought it. This is so important as you some car buyers have lost vehicles due to finance remaining on the vehicle from a previous owner.

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Final Word,

When buying a used car, it is so important you undertake extensive research and understand the ongoing costs to keep the vehicle road worthy.

An average car does around 14,000 km per year however some cars that have done more may still be a bargain buy and present you with upwards of 5 years road worthiness.

DISCLAIMER: This is all based on opinion please research and consult with all relevant parties to make the best buying decision.

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