What is PPSR in Australia and Why Is It So Important to You?


Buying a car is such a massive decision. A PPSR check makes your buying decision smoother. A PPSR gives you a detailed understanding of the vehicles entire past information – helping you make the best strategic car buying decision.

Shop for Cars has put together a quick guide on what is a PPSR report in Australia and why it is so important for car buyers.

What is a PPSR report?

A PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) report is an official government register of the security interests in personal property. A security interest is remaining debts and obligations that are currently secured by the property.

After someone has purchased and registered the property, it is added as a security interest on the PPSR register and can be viewed by the general public.

What a PPSR report tells you?

A PPSR report gives car buyers all the information needed to make the best financial decision, limiting the risks of buying a faulty vehicle.

A PPSR report contains the following:

  • Finance owed on the vehicle
  • Information recorded under the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Make, model and colour
  • Written off status
  • Stolen status
  • If the vehicle is part of the any compulsory recalls and has not been repaired

Private sellers are not obliged to provide potential buyers a PPSR report – making it that much more important if you are thinking of purchasing privately. It is compulsory for all motor dealers in NSW to provide a PPSR report to buyers.

How a PPSR search protects you?

Buying a car is a massive financial investment. The last thing you want is to purchase a car and run into problems.

When you purchase a PPSR report you will instantly know if the car has a security interest remaining. Some car buyers have lost their vehicle due to another individual claiming interest a car at a later date.

A PPSR report will also let you know if the vehicle is on any urgent safety recall lists. n.

As noted on the PPSR website When you by a car from a dealership you are generally protected from repossession, even if a security interest was registered against a car when you bought it. The laws completely differ for private sellers. Therefore, it is so important you double check before making any financial investment.

How much does a PPSR report cost?

A PPSR report is $2 and can be purchased from the official government register.

All you need to do is provide the vehicles identification number (VIN).

It is important to know if you are looking to purchase a car from a motor dealer many will provide the PPSR report free of charge. If you are in NSW, it is compulsory for motor dealers to provide PPSR reports to Car buyers.

Final Word,

When shopping for a used car it is so important to obtain a PPSR report. Purchasing a PPSR report will significantly reduce your risk of buying a dud vehicle.

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