Toyota GR Corolla Coming to Australia in late 2022


Yes, it is official, Toyota Australia has officially announced the long-awaited Toyota GR Corolla performance hatchback ‘s arrival. According to Toyota Australia first shipments of the brand-new GR Corolla is expected to arrive in the last quarter of 2022, however this is subject to production schedules.

Entering the prestige sports-car market largely dominated by the popular Subaru WRX and Ford Focus is something Toyota hasn’t really treaded into before until now. The Toyota GR Corolla will expand Toyota’s GR Range which includes the GR Yaris and GR Supra.

As expected, the Toyota GR Corolla will use the same engine as the Toyota GR Yaris, being a 1.6 litre three-cylinder turbo-charged motor. The engine will deliver 200kW and 370Nm giving sports car lovers that familiar punch they so desire.

Pricing for the Toyota GR Corolla has not been announced at this stage, but experts have begun their predictions. Many are car experts are prediction the base price of the GR Corolla could start from $66,000 based on comparisons with similar vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf R.

Here’s what we know about the Toyota GR Corolla.



The Toyota GR Corolla will keep consistent with the massively popular Corolla body shell, but it does have some slight tweaks to make it just that little more appealing to car buyers. The GR Corolla will include a greater boosted chassis between the rear wheels, transmission tunnel and ahead of the fuel tank.

Another slight change is the roof, the roof on the GR Corolla has been switched to a carbon-fibre panel. The reason for this was to reduce the vehicles overall weight. The GR Corolla is just under 4 and a half meters long and almost 2 meters in width but is 60mm wider than the regular Toyota Corolla due to the new bodywork changes.

Power and Engine Size


The GR Corolla will have a 1.6 litre three-cylinder turbo-charged motor that delivers 200kW and 370Nm. To put things into context, the Toyota GR Corolla will have 24kW greater power than the GR Yaris. That extra added power is sure to catch the eye of Toyota’s intended sports car lover market.

At this stage it has been said that six speed manual is the only transmission being offered for the GR Corolla, however that may expand closer to release.

Safety Features


Like all Toyota fleet vehicles, you know what you’re getting when it comes to safety and reliability. Upon release it’s fair to say the Toyota GR Corolla will receive nothing less than a 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

The GR Corolla will offer all the Toyota Driver Safety Assistance technology features including, ABS, Cruise Control, Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, Sign detection, Lane keep assist, automatic high-beam lightings, Reverse parking cameras, and blind spot sensors.

Interior Set Up


There are some slight tweaks to the interior of the Toyota GR Corolla compared to the traditional regular Corolla. The first slight change available in its Circuit edition is a leather steering wheel, a signed shifter, and leather sports seats. The Interior will also include the GR specific performance system and readout.

In regards to technology the GR Corolla will include all your favs including, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability, mobile phone charge ports and a brand-new touch screen Toyota Multimedia system.

More information on the Toyota GR Corolla is set to become available closer to release in late 2022.

Final Word,

The Toyota GR Corolla is just what we have been waiting for and it doesn’t look like it is going to disappoint. The GR Corolla takes the ever-popular regular Toyota Corolla to a whole other level and will offer motorists something special. Stay tuned for more information about the Toyota GR Corolla as it comes available later in the year, closer to the official release date.

To find out more about the GR Corolla read Toyota’s release here.

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