Most Reliable Electric Cars in Australia in 2024

Most Reliable Electric Cars 

Are you thinking about buying an Electric Car in Australia? Over the past 18 months Electric Cars have seen a massive surge in popularity. To put things into perspective in 2022 Electric Car sales made up only 3% of total car sales in Australia. In 2023 the number is almost 10%. Who knows how big the percentage will be at the end of 2024.

That brings us to the question, what are the most reliable electric cars in Australia? With so many electric cars available and new electric cars being introduced daily, finding the best reliable electric car can be difficult.

Shop for Cars has put together the complete guide of the 5 most reliable electric cars in Australia in 2024. The electric cars on this list have been chosen based on expert and owner reviews.

Let’s get into it.

Tesla Model 3

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise. How can you have a list of the best electric cars in Australia and not include the king of the electric vehicle fleet the Tesla Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 tops two categories. It is the most popular electric car in Australia but more importantly it is found to be the most reliable electric car in Australia in 2024.

Tesla has long been known as the industry leader in Electric Car Technology and its Model 3 offers the best of both worlds, style, reliability and performance. One of the key areas that owners and experts alike have raved about is the Tesla Model 3’s reliability over long distance driving, so if you are looking to commute long distance with the family, its hard to look past the model 3.

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Nissan Leaf

This may come as a surprise to many but Nissan is actually one of the first major manufacturers to introduce electric cars to the market. For over a decade Nissan has been mastering its electric technology and has released arguably one the best and most reliable electric cars in Australia in 2024 in its Nissan Leaf model.

What makes the Nissan Leaf so captivating for so many Australians is its affordability. The Nissan Leaf is much cheaper than those of its competitors, so if you are on a strict budget, the Nissan Leaf is a great choice. That’s not even mentioning its proven reliability in all terrains and driving distances. Experts however have found that the Tesla Model 3 is still the industry leader on longer distance driving.

Audi e-tron

If you are looking for a reliable luxury electric car in Australia than the Audi e-tron is for you. For generations Audi has been synonymous with luxury in their petrol models, this exemplified in their newest and revolutionary electric vehicle model the e-tron.

When you step inside the e-tron you se where Audi stands out with its opulent interiors and advanced technology that makes you feel like you live in another world. Owners and experts alike have raved about the battery life and reliability of the e-tron especially on longer distance driving.

Hyundai Kona Electric

It may not come as much of a surprise to see a Hyundai model on this list. Hyundai has long been known as a safe, reliable and most importantly an affordable manufacturer. For those of you looking for a cheap and reliable electric vehicle for sale than the Hyundai Kona Electric ticks all the boxes.

What makes the Kona so great is its size and comfort. Its compact SUV design and efficient battery life make it a top choice for family electric car buyers. One for the key benefits that owners have raved about is the power it generates.

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BMW i4

Rounding off our list is another luxury electric car gem the BMW i4. The BMW i4 blends both performance with sustainable luxury, everything you need and more.

One of the main advantages that experts and owners alike have highlighted is the i4s performance and long range capability. The icing on cake is its rapid charging setup! The BMW i4 is slightly more expensive than the other models mentioned but if you are in the market for a luxury electric car than the BMW i4 ticks all the boxes.

Final Word,

Australians are transitioning to Electric Vehicles in record numbers. With so many electric cars for sale, finding a reliable model can be difficult. The 5 cars presented are found to be the most reliable electric cars in Australia in 2024.

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