Introducing Shop for Cars – a marketplace connecting buyers to car dealerships

Shop for Cars

If you’re looking to buy your next vehicle from a dealership, Shop for Cars is a great place to begin your search for new or used cars for sale in Australia.

Shop for Cars is a marketplace with a unique proposition. As Australia’s first classifieds website for dealership vehicles only, car buyers no longer have to worry about sorting through the listings to distinguish between private or dealership sales. This makes it so much easier to find used cars for sale from licensed and reputable dealerships near you.

The way Shop for Cars works is simple...

Start by filtering your search based on make, model, price, body type, transmission, location, age and colour. This will bring up multiple listings suited to your search. You get instant access to all dealership information, including contact numbers so you can get directly in touch with dealers without wasting time. Some dealers also offer car history reports for free, so you can instantly view a vehicle’s history without paying for it. This is an awesome feature to access.

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Many buyers prefer to buy from dealerships over private sellers...

This is because of additional protections buyers are entitled to. For example, some dealers offer repair warranties if something goes wrong. This means you always have someone to go back to for an issue.

Dealers are also obligated to provide additional protections like cooling-off periods, guarantee of clear titles and statutory warranties for some vehicles – enforced by each state or territory in Australia. In NSW, Queensland and Victoria, dealers must provide warranties for cars less than 160,000 km and under 10 years old for the next 5,000 km or three months after purchase – whichever occurs first. In Queensland, buyers also get a 1-month or 1,000km warranty for cars older than 10 years or with mileages above 160,000. Private sellers are not obligated in any way to provide these types of warranties, which can sometimes put the buyer at risk, especially if you are not familiar with vehicle repair.

Many additional benefits with Shop for Cars...

Many buyers prefer to trade in their existing vehicle for another because it is much more convenient. Shop for Cars connects you directly to dealers who offer this option, which is not something you can do with a private seller. You’d also avoid the hassle of having to advertise your car and negotiate with multiple potential buyers, which can end up wasting a lot of your time.

You can also get all your finance needs met in one go – either with an individual dealer or through Drive On Finance if you prefer to get pre-approved before hunting for cars. Through Drive On Finance, you get connected straight to over 40 lenders, which can help to speed up the approval process for your car finance application.

You can also get access to comprehensive car history reports for just $36.95 as Shop for Cars has partnered with Equifax. This includes information about any damages, stolen status, written-off details, vehicle registration, odometer reading, ANCAP safety and emission ratings and much more.

If you’re looking for new or used cars for sale, Shop for Cars has a great selection from thousands of dealers across the country. Start browsing today!

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DISCLAIMER: Shop for Cars does not sell cars directly. This is done by dealers, so please consult with your chosen dealer for additional terms and conditions for buying or trading in cars.