How to Check if A Car Has Finance Owing for Free in Australia


If you are looking to buy a Used car, the first and arguably most important thing that you need to do to protect yourself is to check if the car has finance owing to a lender.

If you find a used car that you love and it’s current owner still has finance owing, the car is still used as security to their lender. What this means is the lender still technically owns the car. Even if you buy the vehicle from the seller, and a finance amount remains, the lender can repossess the vehicle and you won’t be compensated or reimbursed!

That brings us to the question, as a used car buyer, how can I check if a car has finance owing for free in Australia?

Shop for Cars has put together a few ways you can check if a used car has financing owing for free in 2023!

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1. Request a PPSR Report from a Dealer

One of the biggest benefits of buying from a Car Dealership is many dealers will provide a PPSR & Car History Reports free of charge to interested buyers. The reason why many dealers do this is it shows they have nothing to hide!

If you are interested in buying a used car from a Dealership, ask the dealer if they can provide you with a PPSR Report. Let them know the primary reason why you are wanting to get the report is to check if there is a finance amount owing. Many dealers will be willing to provide you with this instantly.

However, If you find some dealers won’t or cannot give you a straight answer on the finance arrangements of a vehicle, you should look to buy from someone else – when you are spending thousands of your hard-earned money, it’s not worth taking a risk.

It is important to consider that unless you are in NSW it is not a requirement for Motor Dealers to provide PPSR Reports to potential buyers. You as the buyer have the responsibility to check independently prior to purchasing a vehicle.

2. Ask a Private Seller if they provide a PPSR Report

This may surprise you to hear, but more and more private sellers are beginning to provide or are willing to provide a free PPSR report to potential buyers. It’s no secret that the risks are much higher when buying from a private seller, the main reason being is private sellers are not obligated to certain regulations like Dealers are.

In saying that, when it comes to buying a used car from a private seller, many owners will have a finance amount owing, hence the importance of checking. Serious sellers in 2023 will provide a PPSR report to interested buyers as many know that providing a PPSR report can and will lead to a faster sale.

If you are looking to buy a used car from a private seller, reach out to them to see if they will provide you with a PPSR report. If they don’t, that’s okay, like Motor Dealers it is not mandatory for them to provide one.

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3. Use Online Sources

Another simple way to gain a free PPSR report for a Used Car in Australia is to use online sources. One of the best things about the current Australian Automotive Industry is it is extremely competitive. Many online websites are providing free PPSR reports to those who request them.

Some of the websites that will provide you with a Free PPSR Report for a Used Vehicle include:

Using either source can save you up to $30 on each individual vehicle report!

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Final Word,

When it comes to buying a Used Car, it is vital to check if there is finance owing. There are ways you can get a free PPSR report to check if a used car has finance in Australia. The 3 options presented above are a few easy ways you can get a free PPSR report to check if a used car has finance owing in 2023.

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