Best Used Cars Under $15,000 in Australia in 2024

used cars under 15k 

Are you looking to buy a used car in Australia in 2024? With Car prices hitting record highs, finding an affordable car for sale has never been harder. Even as car prices continue to skyrocket there are still many great used cars priced under $15,000 with low kilometers.

For those of you on a tight budget and wanting to buy a car for sale, Shop for Cars has put together a list of the 5 best used cars that are priced under $15,000 in Australia in 2024.

Let’s get into it.

1. Mazda 3

A classic in the Australian Automotive Industry! For generations the Mazda 3 has been a go to choice for Australians and for good reason. One of the biggest reasons why the Mazda 3 continues to be a top choice whether it being a new Mazda 3 or a Used Mazda 3 for sale is because of it’s affordability.

Now to the all-important question. What is the price of a used Mazda 3 in Australia in 2024? If you’re looking to buy a used Mazda 3 at your local used car dealership, you can still find models with less than 70,000 kilometers driven for under $14,000 drive away!

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2. Hyundai Accent

Another incredibly popular small car, the Hyundai Active is another staple in the Australian automotive industry, there is a high chance you or someone close to you has or currently owns one. Like the Mazda 3, the main reason why the Hyundai Accent continuous to be a top choice for car buyers is they are affordable.

That brings us to the question, what is the price of a used Hyundai Accent in Australia in 2024? If you’re interested in buying a used Hyundai Accent at your local dealership, you can still find models with under 70,000 kilometers driven for under $13,000!

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3. Toyota Yaris

If you’re looking for a cheap Toyota under $15,000 the best option available in 2024 is the small and sturdy Toyota Yaris. For generations Toyota has been synonymous with reliability and affordably whether it be a used model or a new model.

What is the cost of a Used Toyota Yaris in Australia in 2024? If you are looking to buy a cheap Toyota Yaris at your local car dealership in Australia, you can still pick up models with less than 80,000 kilometers driven for as low as $11,000 drive away.

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4. Kia Rio

This one might surprise you. One of the most affordable and most reliable used cars in Australia is the compact Kio Rio. The only way a small car like the Kia Rio can compete with the more favoured small cars like the Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i30 and the Mazda 3 to name a few is by offering something that is better at a cheaper price point. The Rio does this and more in both their used Kia Rio models and New Kia Rio models.

What is the cost of a brand new Ford Fiesta in 2024? Australians can pick up brand new Ford Fiestas for under $20,000 and base models start at $16,000 excluding drive away costs.

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5. Nissan Micra

Completing our list of the 5 best used cars in Australia under $15,000 is the durable Nissan Micra. For many years, the Nissan Micra has been a standout small car for those on a tight budget with prices of their new model being one of the cheapest new cars in Australia, the same can be said with their used models.

What is the cost of a brand new Nissan Micra in 2024? Australian car buyers can expect to pick up a basic Nissan micro for just over $18,000 excluding drive away costs.

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Final Word,

If you’re looking to buy a car in 2024 and are on a tight budget there are many used cars for sale that are reliable, have low kilometers and are priced under $15,000. The 5 cars presented on this list are a few of the best used cars in Australia in 2024 under 15k.

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