Best Small Cars in Australia in 2024

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Are you looking to buy a small compact car in 2024? If so, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to choosing a type of car to buy, you can’t go wrong with a small compact car with all the advantages they offer, from fuel efficiency to practicality and style. That being said, with so much choice available for buyers, choosing the best small car to buy in 2024 can be difficult.

Shop for Cars has put together a list of the 5 best small cars in Australia in 2024 as voted by owners and industry experts.

Let’s get into it.

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1. Toyota Corolla

This would come as no surprise to many. If you are looking for one of the best hatchbacks to buy in 2024 you cannot go wrong with Australia’s most popular small car the Toyota Corolla. The only reason why the Toyota Corolla continuous to top the small car sales charts in Australia is because they offer motorists the absolute best from fuel efficiency to safety and design.

When it comes to buying a car for sale it is so important to factor in ongoing expenses like fuel, maintenance etc. This is an area where the Toyota Corolla excels. Owner reviews have said that the Toyota Corolla’s maintenance costs are minimal, under $1000 per year depending on how often you drive, how good is that?

2. Hyundai i30

Another fellow gem that you probably expected to see on this list. For every Toyota Corolla you see on the roads there is a Hyundai i30 to rival it. The Hyundai i30 is just as popular as the Toyota Corolla and its popularity is increasing everyday. The only reason why the Hyundai i30 continues to surge in popularity, other than them looking absolutely incredible is their ease of drive and high resale value.

Let’s face it you are not going to have a car forever so it is important to pick a car with a high resale value. This is where the Hyundai i30 stands out from the crowd. Hyundai i30 owners have been found selling their cars for almost 85% of the original purchase price, which is something unheard on in the Australian automotive industry.

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3. Mazda 3

When you think of the Toyota Corolla and the Hyundai i30 the next logical model you often think of is the ever popular Mazda 3. Like the Corolla and the i30, the Mazda 3 is everywhere, and when you see something everywhere it means they are doing something right doesn’t it?

The reason why the Mazda 3 continues to be one of the most popular small cars in Australia in 2024 is because of its size and reliability. The Mazda 3 offers just that little extra space that the i30 and Corollas doesn’t give and when you are transporting family or friends this is often a deal sealer!

4. Volkswagen Golf

The Golf has been one of the best small cars in Australia for generations. Even though many Australians tend to favour the Japanese and Korean manufacturers like Toyota, Hyundai and Mazda, how many Volkswagen Golfs do you continue to see driving on Australian roads?

One of the biggest advantages of the Volkswagen Golf is its style and social status. When you see a high class Volkswagen Golf you stop and stare, maybe it’s the European design but it’s definitely the best prestige small car in Australia.

On top of this for a European make, the Volkswagen Golfs maintenance costs is fairly reasonable according to owners. Volkswagen Golf owners are saying they spend no more than $2,500 annually on fuel and maintaining their Golfs. Obviously this figure can vary based on how frequent you drive among other things.

5. Honda Civic

To round off our list of the best small cars in Australia in 2024 is the incredible Honda Civic. The Civic has a legacy of being a reliable, stylish, and dynamic small car and the 2024 model is of no exception.

One of the biggest standouts of the Honda Civic is its amazing design. When you see a 2024 Honda Civic driving on the streets it catches the eye. But the biggest area where the Honda Civic stands above its competitors is its safety features. The 2024 Honda Civic’s safety features have been upgraded to new impressive heights that include Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control and Advanced Air Bag Systems to name a few.

Final Word,

You cannot go wrong with buying a small car in 2024. Like everything there are models that are better than others. The 5 small cars presented are found to be the best small cars in Australia in 2024 as reviewed by owners and industry professionals.

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