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Looking to buy your next vehicle? What is the first thing you look at? Style? Engine Size? Spacing? Fuel efficiency? While all those factors are important the number 1 thing that you should look at before you even consider making a purchase is Safety.

Safety is your number one priority when you get behind the wheel of the car. While most cars in 2022 are fairly safe to drive there are a select few that stand above the rest and offer greater protection to yourself, your passengers, and the general public.

For this list we will be looking at vehicles that have been given a 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating and we have selected some great choices for all types of Australian Motorists.

The way ANCAP rates car safety is how they address these 4 categories.

  1. How much protection does the car offer adults?
  2. How much protection does the car offer children?
  3. How much protection does the car offer pedestrians?
  4. Safety Assists

Let’s take a look at Australia’s Safest Cars.

1. Mitsubishi Outlander

Since introduction the Mitsubishi Outlander has been praised for its innovative safety features. The Mitsubishi Outlander comes with Multiple Dual Curtain airbags that offer high protection to the chest and head areas in any deployment situation.

Along with the standard airbag system, Mitsubishi has added a centre airbag to provide added protection to those in the front seat during the time of an accident. Capping it off the Outlander also has a driver knee airbag to offer top protection as a result of head on accidents.

For Safety Assist the Mitsubishi Outlander comes with Autonomous emergency braking, which limits the risk of collision with other cars and pedestrians, a lane support system, bling spot monitoring, lane departure warning and emergency lane keeping.

To read ANCAP’s full safety report on the Mitsubishi Outlander click here.

2. Toyota Hilux

It would come as no surprise to see Australia’s most popular car the Toyota Hilux on this list. The reason why the Toyota Hilux has dominated the sales charts for so long is because it offers a safe, smooth, and efficient drive for Motorists.

The Toyota Hilux includes Multiple front, rear, and side airbags that have been proven to limit injury and harm from collision. The Hilux also includes a driver knee airbag to offer further protection to the legs in the event of a collision.

The Hilux also includes autonomous emergency braking, speed assistance, and lane keep assist and lane departure warnings.

To read ANCAP’s full safety report on the Toyota Hilux click here.

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3. Ford Puma

Ford’s newest SUV received a 5-star ANCAP Safety rating immediately after joining the Australian Car Market in 2020. The Ford Puma includes multiple front, rear and side curtain airbags that offer protection to the face and chest during collision.

The Ford Puma also comes with a spate of new safety developments including Autonomous Emergency braking with Pedestrian detection, 180 degrees split view safety camera, traffic sign recognition, emergency assistance and cross traffic alert.

To read ANCAP’s full safety report on the Ford Puma click here.

4. Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has exploded in popularity in the last two years. One of the major reasons you can put that down to is it’s 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating. The Volkswagen Golf includes multiple front, rear and side curtain airbags and seatbelt locking mechanisms that minimise driver and passenger harm in the event of a collision.

Along with this the Volkswagen Golf also includes Autonomous emergency braking, manual speed limiters, secondary collision avoidance and split view parking safety cameras.

To read ANCAP’s full safety report on the Volkswagen Golf click here.

5. Mazda 3

Another one you would expect! The Mazda 3 has long been known as a safe and reliable car for all Australian Motorists.

The Mazda 3 comes with frontal and airbags that offer great protection to the chest and face during the time of a collision. The Mazda 3 also includes the standard drive knee airbag system and automatic seatbelt locking.

Like the previous vehicles mentioned on this list the Mazda 3 includes Autonomous emergency braking, split view parking safety cameras, lane departure warning, speed assist system and lane keep assist.

To read ANCAP’s full safety report on the Mazda 3 click here.

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Final Word,

Safety should always be your number one priority when you are looking to buy a car. Before you decide to purchase your next car, it is highly recommended that you research the safety features and do the appropriate checks.

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