Australia’s Most Fuel-Efficient Hatchbacks


If you are looking for the most fuel-efficient Cars in Australia, you cannot go past Hatchbacks.

That brings us to the question, what is the most fuel-efficient hatchback in Australia?

Shop for Cars has put together a list of the 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Hatchbacks in Australia. This list is based on the average fuel consumption a Hatchback will use by driving at least 12,000km per year.

For this list we are not including Hybrid or Electric Hybrid Hatchback Models, this list will focus on Petrol consuming Hatchbacks only.

Let’s get started!

1. Toyota Corolla

What can you say? The Toyota Corolla is the king of the Hatchback fleet. The reason why the Toyota Corolla has been the most popular small car in Australia for the last 5 years is because it offers Motorists a safe, comfortable, and more importantly a fuel-efficient drive.

It has been found the Toyota Corolla consumes 6 Litres per 100km of driving! Based on 12,000kms of driving per year, the 2022 Toyota Corolla will owners $827 on average at the petrol station every year! Just think about what you could do with almost an extra $1000 every year…

2. Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 has always been a top choice for so many Aussies. From generation to generation many of us have experienced driving this ever-reliable hatchback vehicle, but in terms of efficiency how does the Mazda 3 match up?

Research has found the 2021 Mazda 3 consumes on average 6.6 litres per 100km of driving. If you are driving the average of 12,000km per year, you should expect to save around $635 per year at the petrol station.

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3. Hyundai i30

Only slightly trailing the Mazda 3 is Australia’s second most popular hatchback vehicle - the Hyundai i30. For many people, it is often a difficult choice choosing between the Corolla and the i30 and most of the time it only comes down to price. But how does the i30 compare to the Toyota Corolla for fuel-efficiency? Let’s take a look.

Research has found the 2021 Hyundai i30 consumes 6.8 Litres per 100km of driving. The difference between the i30 and the Toyota Corolla is not far apart. Even though it slightly trails the Corolla, the i30 offers Motorists with an amazing fuel-economy.

The average Hyundai i30 owner driving at least 12,000 kilometres per year, should expect to save $578 per year at the petrol station.

4. Honda Civic

Coming in fourth place is the stylish and compact Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has seen an explosion in popularity in the last two years and one of the reasons why, other than it looks simply amazing, is its phenomenal fuel-efficiency.

Studies have found the 2022 Honda Civic consumes on Average 6.9 Litres of petrol per 100km of driving. This is only slightly more than the popular i30! In terms of savings, as a Civic owner should expect to save around $528 per year at the petrol station if you are driving the average 12,000km per year.

5. Kia Rio

Rounding out our top 5 is the fast-rising Kia Rio. When you think about Kia you don’t instantly think of hatch backs, you think of their SUV range like the Sportage. The Kia Rio often doesn’t get the recognition it thoroughly deserves and maybe this will make you think a little bit differently!

It has been found the 2022 Kia Rio consumes 7.2L per 100km of driving. This puts it just behind the popular i30 and Mazda 3 models! For those of you looking to buy a Kia Rio, expect to save $504 per year at the petrol station if you are driving the average 12,000 kilometres per year.

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Final Word,

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, it is very hard to go past a hatchback. The 5 hatchbacks presented are found to be the most fuel-efficient options available in the Australian Market.

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