5 steps to follow when buying from a car dealership during Covid-19

How to buy a car from a car dealership through Covid-19

Though Covid-19 has impacted the way businesses operate, many car dealerships across Australia are business as usual with some changes to follow social distancing rules. If you need to purchase a new vehicle and don’t know how to go about it during this time, here are some steps to follow when buying a used car now –

Start narrowing down your options online

Most buyers already start their research online today. During Covid-19, this has never been more important since it isn’t as easy to walk into dealerships as before. You can choose from thousands of vehicles from dealerships near you on the Shop for Cars website, which can help you narrow down your options.

Use digital channels more effectively

Some dealerships have become more innovative online and are offering comprehensive videos of cars for sale, which can make it easier for you to decide whether a vehicle is worth viewing or not without being physically present. Make sure the video captures important features like key hobs, spare keys, logbooks, odometer reading, dashboard screen, rear and front seats, steering wheel controls and door switches.

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Check car history reports

Car history reports are an excellent tool to help you determine whether a vehicle is worthwhile or not without actually visiting the dealership. It gives you an indication of the condition of the car, odometer reading, accidents and much more so you can make an informed decision about a vehicle well ahead of time, which is so important in today’s Covid-19 world.

Ask the dealership about their Covid-19 precautions

Many dealerships have shut down their storefronts to the general public but are still open for business. Interested buyers are usually asked to make appointments with the dealer to view vehicles they are interested in online. Some dealerships will also take extra precautions like sanitising vehicles after every test drive and offering gloves or disinfectant wipes to prospects after they are in the vehicle. If in doubt, ask the dealership what kind of precautions they are taking during this time.

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Protect yourself on the test drive

While a dealership may take a good amount of precautions to keep you safe, it pays to minimise your chances of any risk by taking your own sanitiser, wiping down the keys, transmission, indicators and steering wheel before driving, and even wearing gloves on your drive.

The current Covid-19 crisis doesn’t have to stop you from buying your next vehicle. Follow sensible measures to help you make the right choice.

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