4x4 Utes with the Highest Towing Capacity


One of the main reasons why many people buy a 4x4 Ute is because it offers the best towing capabilities. 4x4 Utes give drivers the freedom to tow anything they want, whenever they want!

That brings us to the question. What 4x4 Utes in Australia can haul the most weight?

Shop for Cars has put together a list of 5 4x4 Utes that can tow the most weight.

The data in this list has been put together based on manufacturer information, owner reviews and independent expert advice.

Let’s get into it.

1. RAM 1500

This might be a surprise to some but the 4x4 Ute with the Highest Towing Capacity in Australia is the massive RAM 1500. Studies have shown the RAM 1500 has a total towing capacity of 4500kg. Like the saying goes the RAM eats everything else for breakfast and when it comes to towing capacity it certainly does.

Whether you are towing for work or looking to tow a caravan for a family holiday or anything in between, it’s hard to look past the RAM 1500. With over a tone extra towing capacity compared to it’s competitors, it’s hard to go wrong with a RAM 1500.

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2. Ford Ranger

Coming in second place is the dominant Ford Ranger. For years, the Ford Ranger has been one of the top choices for all 4x4 Motorists. The reason why the Ford Ranger has and will continue to be one of the most popular cars in Australia is because it offers the best all round 4x4 drive. From safety to towing capacity, the Ford Ranger is second to none.

Studies have found the Ford Ranger has a total towing capacity of 3500kg, which is slightly under the RAM 1500 but when you factor in the price difference a Ford Ranger will save you in the long run!

3. Mazda BT-50

For so many years the Mazda BT-50 has been often overlooked by many Australian motorists. In terms of price, the Mazda BT-50 is competitive with other manufacturers and its safety features follow suit. But why are so many Aussies choosing other 4x4 Options? Maybe this may help you consider a Mazda BT-50 in the future.

Studies have shown the Mazda BT-50 has a total towing capacity of a 3500kg which matches the more popular Ford Ranger!

4. Toyota Hilux

We know you were waiting for it. The reason why the Toyota Hilux has and will continue to be Australia’s most popular 4x4 Ute for the foreseeable future is comes with everything you need and more. From price to power and safety, the Toyota Hilux leads the way making it a tough choice to turn down.

So how does the Toyota Hilux’s towing capacity compare with other models? Studies have found the Toyota Hilux has a total towing capacity of 3500kg matching both the Mazda BT-50 and the Ford Ranger.

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5. Mitsubishi Triton

Rounding off our list is the consistent Mitsubishi Triton. The only way that models like the Triton can compete with the two most popular 4x4 Utes, the Toyota Hilux, and the Ford Ranger, is by offering something that is cheaper and has just as good features. The Triton does this and more.

When it comes to towing capacity, studies have shown the Mitsubishi Triton has a total towing capacity of 2900kg. A fairly solid towing capacity but it does trail the 4 prior options by some margin.

Final Word,

Towing capacity is an important part of owning a 4x4 Ute. With so many 4x4 options available, some options provide much better towing performance than others. The 5 models presented above are found to have the highest towing capacities of the Australian 4x4 Fleet in 2023.

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